Gran Turismo 6, the latest racing game from Sony for the PlayStation 3, is the perfect platform to launch “dream vehicles” that players can take control of, without needing to put down money on a lease or a testing track. This week, the company unveiled its latest addition – a forthcoming car from BMW.

The 2014 BMW M4 Coupe is now available through an update for the game, free of charge. This is the first time that the car is available, well, pretty much everywhere, since it won’t be physically on sale until early 2014 through the car maker.

The collaboration was a successful one between the manufacturer and the game’s developer, Polyphony Digital, who have shown a penchant for their passion for driving. To celebrate the car’s arrival, the developer has included a seasonal event running from now through December 26, where players can take it for a test drive on the infamous Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit.

Gran Turismo 6 is available now.

Source: Polygon

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