Mario Warfare Nearly Doubles Kickstarter Goal

By David Radd

Posted January 11, 2013

Beat Down Boogie celebrated the fact that their Mario Warfare project was successfully funded in Kickstarter. They received $38,647 from 834 backers.

“I'll send out surveys soon to make sure we have everyone's info for the rewards!” said the team. “Most of the rewards are supposed to be shipped out shortly after the completion of the Mario Warfare series (later in the year), though some rewards (like website thanks, shout out videos, and access to the secret videos) will be more immediate.”

“We're gearing up the pre-production machine for the next episodes.  Our writers are meeting this weekend, and we're starting to get new props and costumes for Episode 3.  The weather is warming up here and we're looking forward to shooting again.  It takes a couple weeks for Kickstarter to process the funds, so please bear with us.  It will take a while to mobilize everything back into production for Episode 3....but now that we have funding, once we get rolling things will move more quickly between episodes.  We appreciate your patience, especially for Episode 3.”

Source: Kickstarter


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