MLG Might Develop its Own FPS

By David Radd

Posted January 30, 2013

Major League Gaming has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years, built using the most popular multiplayer titles in the world. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni thinks that this experience working with various publishers will help the company when and if it decides to make its own competitive shooter title.

"One day we will," he said. "We've had people approach us about it. Right now we want to focus on partners with games like PlanetSide 2 and help them broaden out and take advantage of what we've built. But we can also take advantage of their understanding of the game mechanics. We've done this with folks at Bungie, with folks at Activision, we've done it with lots of studios. We've done that enough times to have the understanding to take to our own title, eventually."

DiGiovanni seems inclined to make a simple, fast shooter like Quake for MLG. "It's like basketball: score, score, score, score, where a lot of games we have are really drawn out,” he detailed. “Which is also fun, but I like those quick engagements and being able to have those things exist in our universe. There's nothing out there right now that does it. A few things that are close."

Source: Penny Arcade Report


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