Adobe is putting its money where its mouth is with Advertising Cloud, its programmatic ad-buying platform. The company launched a new multichannel ad campaign that will entirely be bought programmatically.

The “Experience Business” campaign will target C-suite executives, especially chief marketing, chief technology and chief information officers, and will be placed entirely using Adobe’s proprietary programmatic platforms.

“Today’s most successful brands focus their energy on delivering a consistent, unified experience through many different channels,” said Alex Amado, vice president of experience marketing at Adobe. “We’re using this all-programmatic approach because we can now effectively target this audience by analyzing their behaviors and actions online to deliver a more relevant, personalized experience across every touchpoint.”

Adobe will partner with the likes T-Mobile, Pandora and the Sydney Opera House to provide imagery for the campaign, which features everyday objects along with the tagline “Make Experience Your Business.” The campaign seeks to convey how companies must think beyond products and focus on providing a better product experience.

The messaging will use all facets of Adobe’s Advertising Cloud platform, from its media-investment planner to Adobe’s private digital ad marketplace, and will take advantage of both real-time bidding and direct buys.

This further marks effort by Adobe to educate marketers on the potential in high-end martech investment. Adobe released a report last week finding that three-in-four marketing executives don’t “get” their consumers, and programmatic ad buys dropped by 2 percent this year due in large part to brand safety concerns.

If Adobe can prove that programmatic works by advertising directly to CMOs, we may well see the trend turn around in 2018.