Snoopy Pop, an all-new bubble popper game, is floating its way onto mobile devices this summer. The game features classic characters from Charles Schulz’s classic Peanuts comic including Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Lucy and Snoopy, of course, as well as his alter egos.

With titles like Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, Jam City, the publisher behind Snoopy Pop, is no stranger to iconic franchises. Its other game Panda Pop has been the No. 1 bubble popper in revenue over the past 12 months in the US and worldwide. So, why Peanuts?

“When we think about new partners for our fun, accessible, global games, we need brands that have the same type of reach that our games have across all ages around the world,” Jam City co-founder, president and COO Josh Yguado told AListDaily. “Snoopy is both nostalgic (decades of comic strips and holiday specials), and contemporary (Gucci, Versace, etc). Every generation has a relationship with the brand. And it’s global—as big in Japan as it is in the US and UK. We are honored to be working with one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the world. And for this title in particular, which is about Snoopy solving levels to save his friend Woodstock, the playful and loving relationship between the two main characters was absolutely perfect for the gameplay.”

The publisher could very easily clone its existing bubble poppers like Smurfs Bubble Story or Panda Pop, but Shultz’s characters lend themselves to a unique story, as well.

“First, the bubble-popping mechanic in this game actually has a purpose,” Yguado explained. “It’s all about Snoopy doing whatever it takes to save his friends. Second, we’ve woven all the most beloved Peanuts characters into the narrative and gameplay in unique and innovative ways. Each character has a unique power up that you earn in-game and helps to solve challenging bubble-popping puzzles. We believe that no other bubble popper game has integrated the characters and story into the game in such a fun and innovative way. Last, the game has a deep collection system that allows you to share the items and postcards from your adventure with real-world friends across social media.”

Marketing with nostalgia is a double-edged sword. While fond memories will have consumers seeking out a product in droves, failure to respect or accurately represent those fond memories can lead to disaster. Yguado is confident that Peanuts fans will not be disappointed.

“We’ve spared no expense to make sure that this game is true to the original artistic vision of Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz,” he explained. “The team has spent time with the core Peanuts creative team on the Schulz Campus in Santa Rosa. All creative was developed in collaboration with the Peanuts team. More broadly, we think crafting a challenging, fun, wholesome game with the Peanuts characters, that enables more people and new generations to discover and enjoy the world of Peanuts, is something that fulfills the vision and spirit of the brand. This game is all about authenticity, brought to a new medium and platform.”

For those unfamiliar with Snoopy, he has a very vivid imagination, which creates multiple alter egos such as a WWI flying ace going up against the Red Baron. Fans will also recognize a number of famous scenes, such as Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.

“Not only are many of the iconic scenes there now, but we are going to be releasing new content every week with both well-known and all-new scenes,” said Yguado. “I can tell you that there are entire gameplay modes featuring both Snoopy and the Red Baron and Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts. This is a great game for both super fans and people just getting into the franchise.

As for the story, players will just have to find out this summer, but can pre-register on iOS and Android so they can download this free title right away.

“We don’t want to give too much away,” Yguado said when asked about the game’s story. “At the core of it, the story is that there was a bubble catastrophe, and it’s up to Snoopy to travel the globe, solve puzzles and rescue Woodstock and the rest of his little yellow friends. Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Pigpen and all the gang are there to help out in unique ways.”