Holiday purchasing power extended to January, helping the global games software market’s total digital revenue to reach $7.47 billion. This was a healthy 9.8 percent year-over-year increase, according to SuperData’s latest monthly report. 

The transition from physical copies to digital downloads shows no signs of a slowdown, SuperData reported, particularly in the US where the segment rose 43 percent. Digital console and premium PC led this movement in January with 32 percent and 34 percent year-over-year rises respectively.

January was another strong month for Grand Theft Auto V, which despite being over three years old, held the No. 2 console sales spot and even outperformed itself over the same period last year. GTA Online grew year-over-year as well, continuing the trend of a seemingly unstoppable game.

Studio Wildcard’s prehistoric adventure game Ark: Survival Evolved launched on PlayStation 4 in December and continued to rise in popularity throughout January. The game has built a loyal streaming-and-modding community online, which helped lift the title to the No. 4 slot—ahead of titles like Battlefield 1 and Destiny.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare continues to lose steam, however, slipping down from No. 1 in December to No. 3 in January. Activision’s latest shooter is down 41 percent from Black Ops 3 in the prior year. “This was partially offset by another month of solid average selling price growth thanks to continued sales of the Modern Warfare bundle,” SuperData noted in the report.

January brought a surprise contender to the table with Zynga Poker. The Facebook and mobile game had its strongest month in years, with $13 million in revenue—up 94 percent from the same month last year. Zynga Poker saw a conversion rate of 4.9 percent, the highest reported monthly rate since launch and fueled by online tournaments, January marks the fourth consecutive month with revenue growth.

FIFA 17 rose to the No. 1 console spot, knocking Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare down to No. 3. Battlefield 1 lost steam after the holidays, dropping four spots to No. 6 in January sales. Clash Royale is holding firm as the top mobile game, and Pokémon GO held its position as No. 4.

On PC, the top three titles are virtually unchanged from December, held by League of Legends, Crossfire and Dungeon Fighter OnlineOverwatch rose one spot to No. 4, knocking World of Warcraft down one spot.