With so many events and things to keep up with, we know your life is busy. That’s why in addition to our [a]list summits, Ayzenberg is now launching a series of convenient webinars.

These webinars are focused, 30-60 minute interactive presentations and will deliver timely information on a single marketing subject.

You can apply for an invite to join us for our first webinar on Tuesday, March 10, at 12 noon PT / 3 p.m. ET on the subject of influencer marketing.

Ayzenberg’s Chris Younger, Director of Strategy, and Vincent Juarez, Director of Media, will do an exclusive follow-up presentation to last summer’s [a]list summit on Influencer Marketing {link no longer active} in LA which 300+ progressive marketers and top-tier content creators attended. They will share their experiences in this exciting and evolving field through ION, the Influencer Outreach Network, an agency within Ayzenberg specializing in influencer marketing, content creation and custom brand channels.

The discussion will cover how to:

·      Discover new influencers

·      Connect with new and existing influencers

·      Activate campaign strategy

·      Create custom content across multiple influencer tiers

·      Amplify across paid and owned media channels

·      Report insights, optimization and ROI

Before we announce more of our upcoming plans, we also want to give you all, our readers, the opportunity to tell us what you want us to do more or less of. Please take a minute to fill out our survey and tell us what events or webinars you’d like to see from us.

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