One metaverse margarita coming right up. This summer, Jose Cuervo will open the first distillery on virtual platform Decentraland to quench younger consumers’ thirst for virtual experiences, limited edition products and tequila education.

In a 3D hologram rendering, a star- and purple cloud-studded night sky sets the backdrop for the turquoise Jose Tradicional Distillery, whose perimeter is dotted with agave plants. Adjacent to the distillery is a large, lighted dance floor, presumably where some of the events will take place once it opens.

To bring the “metadistillery” to life, the tequila brand has teamed with Bompas & Parr, which will dream up the distillery’s aesthetic and consumer experience. M2 Studio will create the virtual space in Decentraland and program the user experience.

According to a Drizly retail report, 2022 could be the year that tequila outsells vodka, as nearly 80 percent of retailers plan to carry more tequila this year – on par with bourbon and 40 points ahead of vodka. These findings mirror sales trends on Drizly, where over the past few years tequila’s share of spirits sales has grown by 13 percent while vodka’s share has declined by 2 percent.

As the retail and entertainment industries discern the metaverse as a strategic priority and new frontier for business—from Decentraland’s inaugural metaverse fashion week to The Sandbox’s and Warner Media Group’s music venue—the spirits market has an opportunity to ride their coattails. Buying digital ad space in concerts and events and building brand awareness by launching NFTs that can be used to customize avatars are just a few examples of how. Beer brands like Bud Light and Miller Lite have already dipped their toes into the metaverse with limited edition NFTs and virtual bars.

And soon, users’ avatars can make some money by auditioning and starring in fashion shows, music videos and animated series, providing drinks brands yet another opportunity to advertise and engage users in the metaverse.

One spirits brand is betting big on this new world. Starting with 1,056 cocktail-themed NFTs, woman-owned Vodka brand Wisher Vodka launched in the metaverse before selling at brick-and-mortar retailers. Each Wisher Vodka NFT includes a case of vodka, merchandise, limited edition wearables for Decentraland and access to metaverse events.