Mobile gamers are happy to engage in reward-based ads, a new study shows. Rather than interrupt gameplay, these opt-in advertisements allow a player to voluntarily watch a video, for example, in exchange for in-game currency and additional moves. This marketing approach not only puts the player in control, but results in higher brand recall, according to research firm comScore.

The two-year study examined 14 campaigns from major global brands including Olive Garden, Dodge, LEGO, Sephora, Norwegian Cruse Line and more, as delivered by in-app advertising platform Tapjoy.

The study found that exposure to Tapjoy’s opt-in, rewarded ad experiences in mobile games positively impacted both upper- and lower-funnel advertising objectives, including driving a 17 point lift in aided awareness and 23 point lift in mobile ad recall over the control groups.

reward mobile game ads

This is good news for marketers who want to reach the $10 billion mobile game market, especially since phones are set to reach 60 percent of eCommerce visits by the end of 2017. Interactive ads, as opposed to pop-up or banner campaigns could very well be the key to unlocking consumer interest across the mobile gaming spectrum.

previous study by Forrester Consulting to increase brand sentiment noted that the percentage of consumers who feel positive toward a brand almost doubles when the brand provides content for the app, sponsors the app or unlocks experiences within it. Sixty-nine percent of consumers in the Forrester Consulting study said it is critical that ads don’t disrupt their use of the app, and 67 percent indicated they wanted to be offered a reward, such as premium content or virtual currency in exchange for engaging with an ad.

“The mobile ad market is growing quickly, but many advertisers are still trying to find the right formula to meet their branding and overall advertising goals,” said Steven Millman, senior vice president of research at comScore. “This study with Tapjoy shows that mobile ads, when integrated into mobile games at contextually relevant moments with the right rewards, can deliver strong branding results that help advertisers meet or exceed their objectives. As more brands prove out the efficacy of their mobile ads campaigns, we should see this segment of the digital ad market realize its full potential.”