VRTIFY is the new virtual reality social network that gives its users a new way to experience and share music. That includes creating VR environments and channels, sharing concert experiences and playlists, and doing more with services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Instagram, YouTube and Google Street View. Users can choose to either stick with a free experience or they can upgrade to a premium version that removes ads and provides subscriber access to special pay-per-view events.

The app is currently in beta and will be launch for a variety of virtual and mixed reality devices in January 2017, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, iOS, Android, Microsoft HoloLens and Meta.

The company’s CEO and founder, Facundo Diaz, describes the VRTIFY as “the world’s first virtual and mixed reality (MxR) music distribution platform.” He talks to [a]listdaily about creating a platform that brings users together using music like never before.

Facundo Diaz
Facundo Diaz, VRTIFY CEO and founder

What inspired the idea to combine music, VR and social features? 

When we first started in the virtual reality industry five years ago, we saw that the emergence of technologies like VR, AR and MxR would change many industries (gaming, entertainment, tourism, education, cinema, etc.), so we directed all of our efforts into the music industry—in which we believe will be the most impactful in terms of experiences, adoptions, revenues and more. Music has always been an experience to share with others.

How does VRTIFY work to create a new market for the music industry?

By offering an end-to-end solution for each stakeholder, transforming music content into new virtual experiences using high-end technology and creating a new market for the music industry through our revenue sharing business model.

How is VRTIFY different from 360-degree videos and concerts that are found on YouTube and Facebook? 

In terms of content, we produce fully immersive 3D/360 stereoscopic videos and experiences. YouTube and Facebook only support 360 plain videos. And in terms of distribution, we offer high quality VR and MxR music content through our premium channels (like Netflix, but for music experiences) and allow users to socialize within the platform, share their favorite content, create their own playlists and groups and also provide them with the tools to create their own content and channels. User channels address our content quality requirements and our premium content can start to generate revenue for the channel’s creator.

Does VRTIFY support virtual reality live streaming for events?

Yes, we offer a live multi-camera 3D/360 streaming where users can move around during live concerts, changing the place from where they experience the concert. In our mixed reality app, the consumer could place the artist or the band in the middle of their living room and see the band visual playing just for them.

Are there any music artists that are helping to promote the platform?

VRTIFY has the world’s largest virtual and mixed reality music library to date and is in the process of increasing its content with additional artists by launch, making it an entirely new distribution destination for music.

In what ways can users discover music using VRTIFY?

VRTIFY offers users 4 immersive sections:

  • VR/MxR Music Experiences: users can upload, share and select 360-degree environments/videos and integrate them with any mood-type music from online streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and others to be announced soon, or their own MP3, and create their own music experience in VR and MxR.
  • Music Videos: 3D/360 HQ produced concerts or video clips.
  • VR/MxR Livestreaming: multi-camera 3D/360 live streamed events.
  • VR/MxR Channels: exclusive custom branded channels for artists/music labels/events/brands/etc. to show exclusive content in an immersive way.

How can brands make use of the VRTIFY platform to promote themselves?

Brands can use the VRTIFY platform to promote themselves through:

  • Advertising: VR/MxR ad production services, targeted ad distribution over the platform, ad management system, CMP.
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor live events, premium content, artists, VRTIFY channels.
  • Value to Brand: Create a VRTIFY channel, offer VR/MxR experiences for consumers, show innovative tendency to the global market.