Consumers spent $9.09 billion globally on digital video games in April, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year (YoY) according to the latest figures by SuperData Research.

Console and mobile digital game revenue were the primary drivers of growth in April, according to SuperData, offsetting relatively flat growth on other platforms.

Epic Stays In The Fight

Fortnite not only continues to thrive in the Battle Royale genre, but it broke another record last month. The popular title earned $296 million in April across Console, PC and Mobile, compared to $223 million in March.

Once again, Fortnite: Battle Royale was the top-earning game in the console category for digital game revenue.

The rise of Fortnite is good news for Epic Games, but Rock Star is feeling the pinch as players shift their attention away from Grand Theft Auto V. After an amazing streak of 12 consecutive months with YoY growth, GTAV Online declined nine percent YoY in April. The loss of player attention may not all be attributed to Fortnite, however. SuperData noted a “dearth of significant content updates” from Rockstar may also be attributing to the game’s slow decline.

Either way, Grand Theft Auto V slipped one spot on the digital console charts down to number six.

Sony Slays Records

God of War sold an estimated 2.1 million digital units at launch in April, becoming the largest console exclusive digital launch to date. To put things into perspective, God of War sold more than double that of the second-largest Sony exclusive launch, Uncharted 4.

Sony’s monster-slaying, father and son epic took home the number two spot for digital console revenue in April, bumping Far Cry 5 down to number five.

Tencent Maintains Its Honour

Honour of Kings is the top-grossing mobile title in the world, having earned another $185 million in April. The MOBA generated its highest month to date in April, up from $171 million in March and $149 million a year ago.

Tencent’s mobile mogul continues to defend its top spot on the digital revenue charts month after month.