With “Dog of War,” PlayStation UK took a break from serious God of War video game marketing to lightly poke fun at the process.

On Friday, PlayStation UK posted a Twitter video that was supposedly a look inside the brand’s last meeting before God of War launches. Someone arrives late and frazzled to a meeting in which they are presenting, making awkward jokes about dogs before realizing that he misheard the game’s title and created a campaign around “Dog of War.” This concept may be the stuff of anxiety dreams, but the resulting video tapped into the internet’s love of dogs and proved to be a big hit for PlayStation UK.

The video was already viewed over 55,000 times on Twitter in the first seven hours and over 97,000 times on YouTube. Fans responded positively to the post, saying that they would buy the dog version anyway.

PlayStation UK’s “Dog of War” campaign follows a growing trend on Twitter in which brands make light of the marketing process. This kind of transparency transforms a campaign from “buy this” to “look at this.”

MoonPie often takes a meta approach, for example, joking about the marketing process, from keeping a boss happy to crafting a “viral” campaign.

God of War, while it shares the name of its first title in 2005, is a continuation of the popular gaming franchise that shifts from its Greek mythology roots to Nordic. The game is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console and was announced at E3 2016.

The last two years building up to God of War‘s release has culminated in some rather creative marketing activations.

PlayStation sponsored the March 18 episode of Family Guy, which aired ad-free except for God of War trailers before and after the show.

On February 10, PlayStation sponsored the basketball halftime show between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. The activation, dubbed “War on the Floor,” featured a 3D image of God of War gameplay projected onto the hardwood.