Terry Crews is a busy man. You get the feeling that he’s always working on the next iconic character to include in his menagerie of outsized personalities. Or expanding his library, designing new furniture, crafting puppets… nothing seems out of Terry’s realm of genius. It’s hard to see how he finds time to do everything he’s doing, which now includes helming his own studio.

The name of the studio is itself is a reminder to Terry that talking doesn’t always equal doing and that the best ideas are self-evident. Amen & Amen, a double-affirmation meaning ‘so be it’ twice for extra emphasis, says a lot about what motivates Crews.

“Health, wealth and love—that’s my brand. That’s Terry Crews.”

To ring in Terry’s new center for production in Pasadena, California, the Listen In team visited Amen & Amen to take a tour of what the actor & entrepreneur has been up to since the start of the pandemic. 

Terry shares the impact commercials had on him growing up and his personal history with iconic campaigns, what inspires him, which commercials he won’t work on, why Terry is probably the most vulnerable of ‘The Expendables’ and a special look at “the new studio for the new millennium,” Amen & Amen.

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