Portraying women fairly in advertising is directly correlated with improved sales performance according to new research. Debuting a system called GEMfit, the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) #SeeHer Movement and TiVo found quantitative evidence that gender-parity ads enjoyed an increased return on investment.

“The foundation of the #SeeHer Movement is data. Our research consistently proves that consumers reward the marketers who create advertising and support programming that accurately portrays women and girls,” said Stephen Quinn, chairperson of #SeeHer.

GEMfit, or Gender Equality Measure fit, is based on an ANA metric that quantitatively scores media based on on how accurately it portrays women. The “fit” aspect comes from placing high-scoring ads next to high-scoring programming.

“The research showed that ads with a high GEM score generated double-digit incremental sales per rating point post ad exposure, when they’re aired on shows that also have a high GEM score,” the organization declared in a statement.

To gather these results, TiVo used its set-top box viewership measurement and shopper loyalty cards to aggregate data from over 2 million US households. To provide GEM measurement figures to the viewer researcher, the ANA partnered with Advertising Benchmark Index.

“Our analysis demonstrated that, when you have good GEMfit, both women and men respond positively, with an uptick in purchasing behavior,” said Walt Horstman, senior vice president and general manager of advanced media and advertising for TiVo. “The accurate portrayal of women and girls in media needs to happen in both advertising and programming content to see effective sales lift.”

AT&T has already pledged to achieve completely gender bias-free advertising by the end of 2018, and Fiona Carter, the company’s chief brand officer, indicated interest in placing unbiased ads with the proper, unbiased, media context.

Additionally, the #SeeHer movement has announced plans to release its GEMfit findings to support brands hoping to improve their ROI and cultural impact.

“We are creating a portfolio of research solutions using our GEM scores as the foundation for advanced performance evaluation,” added Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient. “GEMfit is a great tool for contextual planning.”