There’s arguably no event as emblematic of Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” campaign than Superbowl LII, when the company promised free beers to the City of Philadelphia if the Eagles won. The team did win, and the company delivered by handing out bottles during the victory parade and gifting Bud Lights to local bars along with swag such as promotional poker chips, Bud Knight armor and scrolls that complement the medieval theme. Now the company has commemorated the occasion by donating a nine-foot statue outside the Philadelphia Eagles’ home stadium.

Bud Light began teasing the statue’s appearance in August with a video on Twitter showing it being cast, and it was officially unveiled on September 5, the night of their first game of the season. It features the moment Nick Foles asked head coach Doug Pederson “You want ‘Philly Philly?’” on the field during the Super Bowl. Coincidentally, “Philly Philly” (a term for the “Philly Special” play) happens to rhyme with “Dilly Dilly,” so it became the perfect match.

The bronze statue, with “You Want Philly Philly?” and Bud Light’s logo etched into its base, will stand on HeadHouse Plaza, outside Lincoln Financial Field where Bud Light’s activation space is located—near the Xfinity Live! bar. It will remain there for years so that generations of fans can come to see and enjoy it.

The “Philly Special” is one of the biggest (size-wise) gifts Bud Light has given Philadelphia to further cement the relationship between the brand, the Eagles and the city, but it’s not the only way the brand is commemorating the event.

In August, Bud Light produced 20,418 “Philly Philly” Commemorative Packs—in recognition of the 2/04/2018 victory date—to be sold in the City of Brotherly Love. The pack includes a 25-ounce aluminum bottle of Bud Light along two glasses with “Philly Special” etched onto the side.

Bud Light has also been giving love to other sports underdogs over the past months. In June, the beer brand set up a wager where it would give all soccer fans in California free beers if Mexico won Round 16 of the World Cup tournament. More recently, it brought “Victory Fridges” to bars across Cleaveland. These smart refrigerators will simultaneously unlock if the Cleveland Browns break their losing streak by winning a victory during the 2018 NFL season.