Kate Spade partnered with Refinery29 to create a branded video series to promote its apparel, dropping it in real-life situations that resonate with millennials. In a move to attract a younger demographic, the series will be published exclusively on Refinery29’s Instagram. Called “Pilot Season,” the series celebrates female talent both in front of and behind the lens.

One of the 60-second videos hilariously depicts a babysitter named Heather, who is also an artist. Despite being on the clock, watching her client’s Gen Z daughter, the distracted nanny mocks up fashion sketches in her notebook while daydreaming about the lavish, creative lifestyle she’ll lead when she achieves her dream career. Heather snaps out of it when the girl calls her name and tells her, “You should straighten up before my mom gets home. It’s, like, one of your babysitting duties. Just a tip, ya’ know, since you’re new.”  The caption of the Instagram video post reads:


“Women get sh*t done — even if it means sticking out a 💩 job to get to the next step on the career ladder. That’s why we partnered with @katespadeny to create five Instagram shorts for women by women. Every day this week we’ll be sharing stories about what it means to be the heroine of your own journey.”
The brand isn’t just passively detailing the sometimes unglamorous reality of day-to-day life, instead, it’s asking for viewer feedback, too. A call-to-action (CTA) for users to share “the most frustrating job you’ve ever put up with,” is posted in the comments.