Ayzenberg Sr. Project Manager Royce Matthews leads this episode’s candid conversation with Say Space co-founders Bianca Wilson and Emily Race. Wilson and Race discuss the intricacies of collectively creating a space for honest and continuing discussions around DEI.

The duo first collaborated as self-elected agency ‘change agents’ before forming Say Space, connecting over a common understanding of how to help businesses undertake a deep and public analysis of their diversity deficits. Bianca and Emily then discuss how the concept of change agents became instrumental to their core mission and a realignment was undertaken to put ‘the individual’ at the center.

This discussion also touches on how individual identities of company employees form an overall corporate vision, including why a mandate for self-criticism is crucial before sustainably promoting DEI initiatives. “We’re here to support the liberation of the individuals within a company and in doing so hopefully that creates a shift in the company, but it’s a relationship,” says Bianca, adding: “those people will be liberated and leave [if they feel unsupported].” Other questions answered include: What are the tools that people need to be effective change agents without getting too burnt out on the toll of emotional labor? How does your personal vision and not obligation help define your boundaries and engagement with DEI initiatives?

About Say Space: “Through workshops, coaching & consulting, we create an intentional space for transformative conversations around the blind spots within your organization. Out of these conversations, we uncover new opportunities for powerful leadership, unparalleled communication and dynamically inclusive cultures that are a catalyst for the next level of your organization’s success.”

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