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How 9 Brands Without Super Bowl Ads Are Activating For The Big Game

A look at how brands without game day ads are activating around the Super Bowl leading up to the game, including AT&T, Jack in the Box and Volvo.

Why it matters: Advertising around the Big Game isn’t just relegated to ads on Super Bowl Sunday.

52 Percent Of Retailers Will Boost 2020 Social Media Ad Budgets, Study Says
Mobile Marketer

Smartly.io’s study on social media ads indicates ad budget growth for 2020.

Why it matters: Despite concerns over campaign optimization on the platform, “almost all (96 percent) of survey respondents plan to increase their spending on Facebook in particular, making the social network the biggest priority for these marketing executives.”

Why Marketers Must Look Beyond Cookies And Rethink Data In The 2020s
The Drum

Google’s plan to render cookies obsolete poses a significant challenge to marketers.

Why it matters: “Marketers must stop prioritising strategies built around cookie data if they’re to succeed in the 2020s,” according to The Drum.

Google’s Latest Search Results Change Further Blurs What’s An Ad

Google has changed its SERP (search engine results page) again, introducing more subtlety between ads and organic results.

Why it matters: According to Ethan Hulbert, RPA’s SEO lead: “I think this trend is worth paying attention to, and expect it to have a muted effect over time.”

How Marketers Should Engage With Generation Alpha

Laura Macdonald, head of consumer at Hotwire, shares study results on the best ways to connect to the increasingly influential “Generation Alpha,” or those born after 2010.

Why it matters: According to Macdonald’s research, she anticipates the important role in purchasing decision-making that this generational group will play. “For example, almost two out of three parents (65 percent) tell us that their children’s needs influence the tech purchases they make, while one in four (25 percent) actually ask their kids’ opinions before buying.”

Women Held Back By Marketing’s Gender Pay Gap
Marketing Week

“Marketing Week’s 2020 Career and Salary Survey reveals the marketing profession has an overall mean gender pay gap for full-time workers of 28 percent.”

Why it matters: The marketing profession’s 28 percent gender pay gap is nearly four times that of the UK’s national average.

More Consumers Are Turning To Digital Payment Plans, Even For Low-Cost Items

A new study from CivicScience shows gradual growth in the usage of digital payment programs.

Why it matters: It’s not just the current growth of programs like Affirm that’s worth noting; consumers are using these apps for low-priced items, showing that usage is similar to credit cards and could be a disruptive payment solution as they gain wider adoption by retailers.

These Are The Most Sustainable Corporations In The World
Fast Company

The latest annual ranking from Canadian research firm Corporate Knights was revealed yesterday at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Why it matters: The ranking’s KPIs aren’t limited to environmental initiatives but cover “everything from energy and water use […] to the percentage of taxes paid, and women in executive management.”

P&G, Google, Lego & More Unveil Plan To Suffocate ‘Harmful’ Content
The Drum

More from Davos: Major brands unveiled the “first big initiative from the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM): the cross-industry working group founded by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in 2019.”

Why it matters: Household brands as well as ad networks like Facebook and Google convened at Davos to unveil how they’ll attempt to identify “harmful content” while equipping media companies with tools for diverting funds from such content, as well as developing industry standards for combatting it.

Why Frito-Lay Is Saying ‘Super Bowl’ Nonstop: Marketer’s Brief
Ad Age

You won’t be hearing about “The Big Game” from PepsiCo brands, who reserve the right to say “Super Bowl” as an official NFL sponsor.

Why it matters: PepsiCo brands get a boost over the competition by having the unique ability to leverage the Super Bowl’s name equity in their ads.

How To Unify A Global Brand
Business Of Fashion

“More luxury brands are […] attempting to ensure that every collaboration, retail experience and social media post feel like part of one cohesive whole.”

Why it matters: When it comes to brand integrity, consistency and coherence are key. Here’s a look at how the world of luxury fashion unifies global brand messaging.

DTCs Must Mind The Mid-Funnel Gap As They Look To New Channels For Growth

As the main channels that DTC brands historically used for acquisition become crowded with competition, direct-to-consumer brands are investing in linear and addressable TV to achieve broad awareness.

Why it matters: “Not only are [multichannel, mid-funnel strategies] a next phase extension, but cross-channel strategies appear to be an imperative alternative to rising costs and scale challenges.”

Radio Advertising Revenue Down By 6% In 2019

Deloitte has released data indicating a slip in advertising revenue for metropolitan radio of 6.1 percent.

Why it matters:
“The figures follow a trend across all media of weak revenue figures, with the last Standard Media Index (SMI) figures showing the 15th consecutive month of negative growth for the advertising market.”

TikTok Had A Banner Year In 2019, But Growth In 2020 Isn’t A Sure Bet


Exploring the factors at play when forecasting TikTok’s 2020 growth.

Why it matters: TikTok became a short-form video darkhorse in 2019. Debra Aho Williamson discusses how privacy concerns and competition could impact this growth in 2020.

Olympics, Election Power 7.2% Lift In 2020 US Ad Spending, Study Predicts

Marketing Dive

Two factors are driving the growth in U.S. advertising spend, according to Winterberry’s media spending forecast.

Why it matters: Understanding the U.S. ad spend forecast can help frame the broader shift we are witnessing as consumers switch their viewership from traditional media channels to digital channels.

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