Miller Lite launched a mobile experience called Great Taste Trivia as part of the latest phase of its nationwide “Know Your Beer” educational program. Utilizing blockchain, the “edutainment” trivia game will appear in select apps, social channels and a geotargeted media buy that reaches users in identified bars and restaurants. Others can play the game via QR codes on posters and additional point-of-sale materials in bars.

Given the need to authenticate and instantly reward trivia game players on-premise, Miller Lite tapped Vatom Labs, a creative platform that tracks activations, engagement and attributes the reward based on those insights to the channel where the user was originally acquired.

The trivia game leverages non-fungible tokens called SmartMedia Objects to deliver an engaging experience within the game with social badges, rewards for vitality and to ensure that the $5 rebate coin gifted to winners can’t be counterfeited.

“Great Taste Trivia allows Miller Lite to extend the success of Know Your Beer into the digital space,” said Lucy Bloxam, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite.

To participate, the game asks legal-age drinkers in over 230,000 bars across the US to enter their email before providing them with 12 multiple-choice questions about beer and Miller Lite. Those who answer all 12 correctly will win $5, instantly transmitted via Paypal. Miller Lite will award 10,000 winners across the US.

Launched in May 2017, Miller Lite’s “Know Your Beer” campaign invited more than half a million drinkers in bars and restaurants to experience blind taste tests. Per MillerCoors data, seven in 10 participants chose Miller Lite over Bud Light. The campaign helped boost sales of Miller Lite for four consecutive weeks and raised sales by 3.3 percent, according to a company blog.

Miller Lite re-launched “Know Your Beer” in 2018 with another round of blind taste test activations that included 500,000 legal-age drinkers. The campaign extended to social, digital videos and OOH ads.