Smartphones have become one of, if not the most, important battleground for consumer attention. And with the advent of 5G and IoT, marketing in this sector will only become more intensified, and the consumer attention more sacred.

Here are some stats every marketer should know about the current state of mobile and where it’s headed.

About three out of four users will be mobile-only by 2025 (WARC)

Aside from showing the increase in mobile advertising investment, WARC found mobile device users spend around three hours a day socializing on their smartphones or tablets. In 2025, approximately 73 percent of the online population will access the internet only on mobile; China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan are expected to account for half of all the growth.

Ninety percent of gamers play games on their phones (NPD)

The 2018 Gamer Segmentation Report found that of gamers who only use one platform for gaming, that device is most likely to be a smartphone.

About 94 percent of Millennials will be smartphone users in 2019 (eMarketer)

Almost the entire demographic uses smartphones, but only 56 percent of millennials use tablets and about 37 percent use smart speakers.

Almost half of Millennials use a smartphone voice assistant (eMarketer)

Millennials might not use smart speakers but they do use voice assistants like Siri.

Three out of every four search shopping impressions occur on a mobile phone (Kenshoo)

Kenshoo released their report The Kenshoo Q4 2018 Quarterly Trends Report and found Q4 spending growth in social was up 31 percent and search was 14 percent YoY. On Instagram, the spending growth came not from new advertisers, but ones who had been on the platform for at least five years.

During the 2018 holidays, 64 percent of shoppers placed online orders through their smartphone (Adlucent)

Mobile orders were up 152 percent compared to 2017. Even in stores, shoppers used mobile devices 71 percent more. The report also found video is the best way for consumers to learn about a product—chosen over a web page or reading text.

50 percent of retailers said a mobile shopping app is a top priority in their omnichannel plans (Shopgate)

In 2019, retailers realize mobile is essential to survival, around 61 percent of respondents surveyed recognized buy online; pick up in store and buy online and return in store capabilities as being among top priorities in their continuing omnichannel strategies.

69 percent of podcasts are consumed on a mobile device (Edison Research)

The Infinite Dial Report examined Americans of various backgrounds and also found around 48 million Americans listened to podcasts on a weekly basis in 2018—up six million from 2017. Half of consumers hear podcasts in their homes and not cars.

The global food delivery mobile app market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27.9 percent—to $16.6 billion by 2023 (Allied Market Research)

According to the report, the growth is attributed to “high internet penetration, rise in standard of living in the developing countries and increase in mobile and smartphone usages.”