UK government-backed campaign Smart Energy GB has launched an immersive activation in partnership with the National Trust called “Travel to 2050” to shine a light on the impact of climate change. Smart Energy GB enlisted a creative agency to design six installations at National Trust sites across the country that allow visitors to time travel to the year 2050 to see climate impact. 

The installations use augmented reality (AR) and computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology to recreate the National Trust properties through time in order to show what a low carbon, energy-efficient future might look like in 30 years versus what the country could face should people ignore the current climate emergency. Inside the high-tech installations, visitors will be shown a stark look at each National Trust property in the midst of a polluted environment followed by a rejuvenated look at the wildlife if they act now to cut carbon emissions. Each installation, standing at eight-feet tall, resembles a mirrored structure made of sustainable and recycled materials. 

To spread awareness of the issue, the National Trust will run a multichannel campaign encouraging people to visit the installations and take small steps in protecting the environment. This includes a bespoke advertorial feature in the latest edition of the National Trust magazine. Smart Energy GB will also be activating a series of co-branded advertorials in local and national newspapers to support the partnership.

Smart Energy GB introduced smart meters across England, Scotland and Wales with the intention of helping consumers understand how smart meters could make their energy use more efficient. Data gathered from these smart meters about household energy consumption enables the system to plan for and balance out the peaks and valleys in demand, making it easier to integrate sustainable sources of power.

The National Trust has pledged to reduce its energy use by 15 percent and generate 50 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2021.