Old Spice took a musical approach to spread awareness of its Beard Kit for Men. On Tuesday, the brand hosted a Twitter Q&A about beard care with a twist—all the answers were sung by a barbershop quartet.

For the September 25 promotion, Old Spice enlisted Signature, an award-winning barbershop quartet from Florida. The musicians assumed the name of the “Bearded Quartet” for this activation, using humor and harmony that fit well with the Old Spice brand persona.

A live Twitter session began at 10 a.m. PST with a pre-recorded invitation by the Old Spice Bearded Quartet to participate. Dozens of questions poured in from Twitter users that ranged from serious beard-tending questions like how to stop itchiness and growth tips to whether or not Old Spice can make someone’s beard smell like cinnamon rolls. The solution? Hide a biscuit in your facial hair, the quartet recommended.

The Bearded Quartet put in a full day at the Old Spice studio, answering around 30 questions from the audience, then singing a farewell. The video ended with a list of “honorable mentions,” naming Twitter users who submitted questions but did not get an answer during the event. Each video was uploaded on YouTube as well, garnering a minimum of 1,000 views on each.

Engagement was modest, with the most “likes” on a single Twitter post numbering just over 500. However, Twitter audiences responded positively to the beard-themed concert through GIFs, jokes and asking where to buy Old Spice beard products.

Old Spice is selling its beard products exclusively on Amazon and promoting it through its usual brand of humor. In one ad, a man watching football with his wife/girlfriend finds beard products attached to the nachos. In a Twitter post, Old Spice features pro football players Travis and Jason Kelce, admiring their beards in the locker room.