Supercuts created a cross-channel campaign called, “Take It To Supercuts,” that includes a series of 13 television spots starring actor Michael Kelly (House of Cards) to humorously convey the importance of maintaining your hair from the perspective of a bald person. The spots, ranging from seven to 60 seconds, are part of the value-haircut brand’s larger shift to invest in new marketing approaches and technology to meet its consumers’ needs.

In one of the 30-second spots, Kelly is shown admiring men with hair in different real-life situations. As classical music plays in the background, he narrates: 

“Look at you, laughing and flipping, brushing your days away. Unaware of how lucky you are. Hair, such an under-appreciated gift. Show-offs. Look at all the terrible things you do to it. Disrespect it, sacrifice it, cut it yourself, you leave it unattended, you wear it up. Despite everything you’ve done, there’s still one place that cares more about your hair than you’ll ever know.” After his spiel, he walks by a Supercuts salon and looks through the glass, all while envisioning himself in the salon chair with a full head of hair. The spot concludes with the words, “Don’t take your hair for granted, take it to Supercuts.”

In an added effort to spread brand awareness, Supercuts announced a multi-year partnership with the Major Baseball League (MLB) that included experiential activations at the MLB All-Star game. Outside the Progressive Field on the Gateway Plaza in Cleveland, Ohio, the brand set up Supercuts pop-up salons to give attendees clean-ups, team logo hair painting, limited edition All-Star combs, and five-dollar-off coupons they could use every time a walk-off home run was hit.

The brand also extended its new marketing message to an All-Star-themed social giveaway. Between July 7-July 9, users can enter by posting a photo taken in front of the team logo wall and baseball glove chair at the Progressive Field pop-ups, tagged with #TakeItToSupercuts on Instagram or Twitter. Twenty-one winners are to be selected, with each receiving one autographed item from either Daniel Johnson, Oscar Mercado, or Sean Casey, a total prize value of $100.

Regis Corporation, Supercuts’ parent company, is also finding ways to enhance customers’ digital experience with the introduction of new technology. Customers can now book salon services through Google Search and Google Maps via desktop or mobile.

“Supercuts has always challenged the notion that quality haircuts do not have to come at a high price. While other brands in the category lean on gimmicks or price tactics, we’re laser-focused on delivering the highest quality haircuts, from stylists who benefit from our amazing training and support ecosystem. We’re introducing an awesome new voice for the brand . . .,” said CMO of Regis, James Townsend, who Supercuts recently appointed.