Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.

Culture Rising: 2022 Trends Report

The future is bright. Connection, culture, and creativity are standouts from the Culture Rising: 2022 Trends Report. As the world looks on, grappling with the past, understanding the present, and generating the future is top of mind. Connections look exceedingly different as people reimagine what love looks like. Whether it is a virtual community, in-person interaction, and everything in between, the world is looking to build relationships flexibly but meaningfully. Whether it is creator culture, work culture, or the intercultural backgrounds many come from, the world is colliding in ways it never has before. Thinking globally and making tremendous strides locally is reshaping what culture means across the board. Lastly, creativity is bursting at the seams in every avenue of life. Through sounds, visuals, audio, and other outlets, creativity through collaboration is becoming a norm that connects people in and beyond the mobile-first world. The changes in culture are a look into what is next for everyone’s lives.

Hair Rollers

The hottest in hair care. For years, items like the $550 Dyson Airwrap, Drybar Blow-Dryer brush, and even one-step hairdryers and volumizers have crept up on the scene and become front runners in hair routines. Airwraps and the like have been on wishlists for many and are often sold out. Most recently, however, consumers are going back to the basics. Turning to tried and true ways through devices like curling and Flexi rods have given others without the opportunity to pounce on high-priced items to get the voluminous looks they have been looking for. Although staples in specific communities, the seen-on-social to added to cart and purchased pathway continues to broaden globally. The ability to showcase value-add, especially on platforms with short-form content, is helping brands carve out new spaces for themselves.


As the Super Bowl and Olympics round out, game-changing insights have arisen. Broadcast TV continues to be the top outlet for the Super bowl, and streaming has become the top dog for the Olympics. The juxtaposition highlights the shifting desires and consumption habits of viewers. In a fragmented media landscape, it has become clear one medium is not enough; reaching second-screening audiences is paramount.

Subscription Services

Taco time. Taco’s Lover’s Pass, expanded nationally in January, has resulted in a 20% increase in Taco Bell’s rewards membership. The program can be accessed through the brand’s app and is a subscription-based model. The rise of subscription services is not new but has become an essential strategy for food companies across the country. Rerouting consumers to in-app experiences and providing incentives bolsters brand affinity and adds a digital spin to loyalty programs that feel native to newer audiences.

Long-form Video Content

The long haul. Long-form content has been labeled a thing of the past, but brands like TikTok have it in their sights. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have given users new ways to create and cash out in a short time, but mixed-model positions itself as the future. For years, brands have navigated the video formats and adjusted to consumer viewing habits. Most recently, TikTok is diving into extended video length to increase market share and rival platforms like YouTube with its longer videos and scale of viewership. As brands adapt, capturing consumers’ attention in a fast-paced environment will be an ever-evolving feat.