Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts the past week’s most significant trends.


Reddit is starting to clean up its act, so advertisers will want to come and play. A notorious hotbed for conspiracy theories, racism, sexism, homophobia, and porn (we’re also looking at you, Twitter) without any sort of real moderation for the past several years; Reddit is partnering with Brand Safety behemoth DoubleVerify to start implementing safeguards to help quell the worries of hesitant advertisers who still haven’t taken the plunge or never came back. If Reddit can get itself into a more palatable state, advertisers will have the opportunity to reach a very engaged and passionate group of consumers—which means $$$ for everyone!

Instagram, AI Facial Analysis

Instagram is now introducing new ways to verify age, says parent company, Meta. The new options allow age verification for age-appropriate experiences, asking others to vouch for their age, and confirming age based on video selfies. The brand is partnering with a company specializing in privacy-preserving methodology and aims to navigate complex situations with intricate solutions. Whether a step too far or a step in the right direction, brands must understand the line between protection and privacy.

TV Media Spend

We hinted at this trajectorya few weeks ago, but Streaming Platforms (Connected TV) are taking over TV Media Spend. With the network upfronts taking place in early June (where the networks usually preview all their new shows to advertisers to get them to provide ad dollars “upfront”), completely pivoting and focusing on Streaming Platforms like Disney+ instead of Disney Channel and ABC, the times are a-changing! Upfront Connected TV (CTV) ad spending will rise nearly 35% this year alone in the US which is what was spent on CTV in its entirety just three years ago. This is why Netflix and Disney+ will have ad-supported options this fall (which we also covered a few weeks ago).