Ayzenberg’s Ashley Otah looks at three major cultural trends this week and what they mean for brands.


Pin it to win it. Shuffles, an invite-only collage-making app by Pinterest, is all the rage. Although not publicly launched, the app has garnered over 211,000 iOS downloads and is making a splash worldwide. According to the app description, users can curate anything from dream bedrooms to festival outfits and everything in between. The personal and positive feel follows the trend and desire for social media to be more than just sharing a wide cast net of content to the world. The mobile-first mood board medium looks to be a successful outlet as the race for apps that center community, creativity and content—without toxicity—continues.

Instacart x Lizzo

Phone eats first. Instacart launches a new brand campaign and in-app experience with the help of Lizzo. The international superstar brings the everyday grocery lists to life in “The World is Your Cart.” With the new launch comes a new feature titled “Carts,” which enables users such as creators, personalities and more to create shoppable and curated content. The mixture creates a personal feel with a pop culture punch that makes the mundane much more manageable. Small insights make big impacts, and in-app experiences can magnify them.

Tiffany & Co. x Riot Games

Go big or go home. Tiffany & Co. has partnered with Riot Games to redesign the League of Legends World Champion Summoner’s Cup. While not new for Tiffany’s, as it has a 160-year-old history of creating symbols of achievement in many sports, the partnership showcases the ever-changing landscape between varying verticals and sectors of all industries. As the esports ecosystem continues to boom, collaborations like these will continue to blossom. Crafting and creating authentic and meaningful experiences, however, will remain essential.