Walmart partnered with BuzzFeed’s cooking platform, Tasty, to introduce a seamless grocery experience by making over 4,000 in-app Tasty videos shoppable. The new shoppable recipes feature allows customers to add ingredients to their Walmart Online Grocery carts for curbside pickup in over 2,500 stores or at-home delivery from more than 1,100 stores.

The in-app feature, available for iOS app users only, directs shoppers from the Tasty app to the Walmart Grocery app, where they can view their cart and shop ingredients from Tasty’s oddly satisfying videos. Geo-specific capabilities of the app map a recipe’s ingredients to the products available at the closest Walmart location. Users can also swap items within the Tasty app—such as price, brand, quantity and organic—based on dietary preferences.

“More than two-thirds of our audience have made a Tasty recipe and 90 percent of American live within ten miles of a Walmart store, so we’re excited to build upon our partnership with Walmart and provide a new feature that will solve the pain point of grocery shopping and make it even easier for our audience to cook their favorite Tasty recipes,” said Ben Kaufman, BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer.

The Shoppable Recipes feature is the latest phase of Walmart and BuzzFeed’s partnership. In March 2018, the brands released a kitchenware line collaboration that includes non-stick cookware, bakeware and more kitchen equipment that has sold more than four million units since launching. Walmart said it has plans to launch additional Tasty branded licensed products within its Celebrations, Deli, Dry Grocery and Frozen Meats departments. Walmart’s Q2 2019 earnings revealed that the company’s US eCommerce sales grew 37 percent with strong growth in online grocery, which could explain why it decided to further its Tasty partnership.

Walmart joins a growing list of brands that BuzzFeed has helped innovate products. In October 2018, the media company co-developed a home goods line with Macy’s called Goodful, based on the site’s lifestyle platform. Earlier this year, McCormick Spices also partnered with Tasty on five different Tasty Seasoning Blends inspired by global cuisine, launching McCormick into the ecommerce channel.

“We’re using our rich audience insights to not only develop content but also create lines of products that extend our brands into real life and help marketers solve some of their toughest challenges,” Kaufman told Forbes.