Southeast Asia’s gaming market could very well be in for a financial boom, if a report from Niko Partners has anything to say.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner for the group, stated that the region – including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – will reach a whopping $1.2 billion over the next few years.

The gaming market currently hovers around $661 million in revenue, based around 85 million gamers. However, Niko believes the number of gamers will see a huge increase, to 132 million, by 2017.

Not only that, but mobile gaming isn’t the only part of the market expected to rise. PC games will also play a huge role in the market increases. “Mobile games are booming in Southeast Asia as they are worldwide, yet client-based PC online gaming remains vibrant and will continue to experience aggressive revenue growth over the five-year forecast period,” said Hanson. “We were surprised to find out that many Southeast Asian hardcore PC gamers ignore mobile gaming all together, a major behavioral difference from the Chinese gaming population.”

Source: VentureBeat