Interpret LLC recently surveyed users on the 3DS, finding that 28 percent of owners said the system’s glasses-free 3D technology actually detracts from the play experience. By contrast, roughly 22 percent that said the 3D improved gameplay.

Interpret senior VP Dan Casey noted at the 3D Gaming Summit that 13 percent of 3DS owners simply preferred to play with the 3D effect off 37 percent reported dizziness and nausea from 3D displays (not just the 3DS), up from 30 percent last year.

The survey also suggested education problems with the 3DS, as in consumers didn’t fully understand the system’s abilities. While 60 percent of the 1,600 adult respondents knew of the 3DS, only 28 percent knew that it didn’t require glasses to view the 3D effect.

More distressingly for Nintendo, only 7 percent of respondents said a handheld provided what they’d consider ideal 3D gaming experience. By contrast, 56 percent said a 3D-capable console and TV would be ideal; 23 percent of survey respondents said they were interested in 3D gaming to gain a competitive advantage in multiplayer games.

Source: Gamasutra