Console launches are famously dominated by the most hardcore gamers. Still, Ubisoft believes that the 3DS will reach a larger, mainstream audience and there advertising scheme reflects that.

“Instinctively, it s easy to assume that the hardcore gamer will be the early adopter to new hardware, and inevitably this will be the case to some extent,” said Murray Pannell, U.K. marketing manager of Ubisoft. “But when you consider that millions of consumers have already bought into the DS console family, it s not difficult to believe that the broader audiences will come quickly to the new 3DS. As such, our PR and marketing approach will reflect the fact that we need to cater for all audiences both core and mainstream.”

“There is always an expectation that first party will spend large, but in the case of 3DS I genuinely believe that Nintendo will be focusing on ensuring that the overall 3DS platform is a success,” he added. “So assuming that does happen, then it makes the job of attaching more of our games to the install base so much easier.”

Source: MCV