American Express has launched a co-branded experience on the Xbox 360. The credit card company is using its Card Sync technology with Halo 4 to unlock content and offers for U.S. and for U.K. card members.

Card members can sync their Card to their Xbox Live Gamertag by logging in at This will grant card members an Access Code, real-time, to enter in the American Express digital experience tile in the Game Marketplace in the Games section of the Xbox 360 dashboard, then will ask them to share their Xbox Live Gamertag to be directed to the offer dashboard.

Offers include spending $10 at AMC Theaters and get $5 and spending $50 at PacSun and getting $25. “We’re bringing a totally new experience to the platform that’s never been done before,” said American Express’ SVP of digital partnerships and development, Leslie Berland, adding that 40 million Xbox Live users are also American Express card members.

“The basic mechanics of ‘earn an achievement [and] get a reward,’ that is not a complicated exercise to extend beyond Halo,” said Ross Honey, GM of Xbox Live Entertainment and Advertising. “We expect this to be the biggest game of the year.”

There are plans to go beyond this game, as once the syncing occurs, it can be implemented later. “This is the first manifestation of how [American Express’s technology] Card Sync and Xbox can work together,” said American Express’ head of business and product development, Dave Wolf. “We’re excited about future ways we can bring it to life through streaming, music, anything on the Xbox platform.”

There’s potential for rewards from media viewing companies like Hulu in addition to rewards for in-game achievements. “We deeply value our partnership with Hulu…I’d love to bring that up to them,” said Honey.