Nintendo has made comments derogatory of mobile titles and their quality of late. However, an App Store developer has said that the winds are shifting towards mobile phones and not portable consoles.

“If you look at the market cap for easy-to-play casual games vs. the market cap for epic first person shooter type games,” said Sourcebits’ VP of Sales Dan Gonzales, “you’ll quickly understand the importance of Angry Birds. The hardcore gamer, while fairly large in a historical context, is completely dwarfed by the number of casual gamers adopting smart phones and tablets.”

“The world is changing and fast,” said Sourcebits’ VP of Sales, Brian Meehan. “Angry Birds is the world’s new [Super] Mario Bros. My kids will never own a DS or PSP. They have everything via smart phones and tablets. When I travel, I love to walk from the back of the plane to the front and see what people are doing on their devices. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly games. I particularly see a lot of Angry Birds on iPhones and iPads. Not just one or two, but ten to 15.”