Angry Birds Rio has launched and it has quickly climbed to the top of the mobile app charts. Working with 20th Century Fox to promote the game concurrently with the film Rio has been a success, showing that blockbuster games can come out of the App Store.

“The quick ascension of Angry Birds Rio shows that mobile devices are just as capable of building strong brands and franchises as consoles. Just as Mario or Master Chief are considered companions to their respective consoles, Angry Birds is quickly becoming the mascot of mobile devices, said Sourcebits’ Brad Hilderbrand. “Halo revolutionized console-based multiplayer when it launched, and from that point Bungie just continued to tweak the formula. Angry Birds gave rise to the physics-based puzzle game on mobile platforms, and now the developers are simply perfecting the genre they helped define.”

“The popular belief is that you’ll have a much higher possibility of success on consoles, but I can’t think of any console games reaching the massive amount of popular culture exposure that iOS games, such as Angry Birds, achieved on mobile devices. In this case, Rovio opened a completely new door for the entire games industry, agrees Piotr Babieno, from iFun4all. A few years ago, the thing you would talk to your friends about was the latest episode of a popular TV show. Now, people are talking to their friends about what high scores they were able to get. From a marketing perspective, this IP is no longer just a game. It is a part of the collective consciousness.”

Source: Modojo