AOL’s now three-year old Project Devil initiative to help advertising “make the web a more beautiful, useful place” has led to the launch of a few more beautiful and hopefully more useful ad units for the site and its affiliates.

AOL recently introduced four new ad formats. They include an interactive takeover unit, a multi-screen compatible HTML 5 unit, a rich media “loft” banner that stays above the fold even as a user scrolls, and touch and swipe-enabled banner ads for mobile devices. According to Adweek, the lattermost unit is AOL’s own version of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s newest mobile ads introduced after this year’s “Mobile Rising Stars” contest, which are now part of the bureau’s standard mobile ad portfolio.

Kraft and Lexus are already taking advantage of the new units.  Both are launch sponsors of AOL’s initiative.

AOL launched Project Devil in 2010. One of the first ad units introduced as part of the initiative was a multi-layered interactive banner that won the 2011 IAB Rising Stars Competition.

Source: Adweek