The early reviews are up for Batman: Arkham City and they are almost universally glowing, putting the Metacritic mark somewhere around an astounding 95 percent. Rocksteady Dax Ginn Marketing Game Manager says that the British developer is flattered and humbled by the reviews so far putting the game in league with Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3.

“The games that are just around the corner… I can’t remember a more incredible two months of releases in my entire life,” said Ginn. “So to be regarded as right at the top of that line, that’s an incredible achievement for the team. We’re a really young studio but we’re a really hungry studio. We’re a really small team as well so having very tight, very focused communication… We’ve got a very strict, serious attitude to what we do. I think if we were to be regarded as triple A alongside the sort of titles that you’ve mentioned, it would really vindicate so many of the creative end production decisions we’ve made as a team.”

“The decision to deliberately stay small, the laser focus on making the greatest thing that we can and not waste time with flippant, frivolous stuff that doesn’t work. Every decision we make has got to pay off,” he added. “It was only two years ago that we were here with Arkham Asylum so within two years we’ve built something completely from scratch. There was very little about the game world that we had to build off from the first game so we’ve built up this entire environment from nothing. We’ve doubled Batman’s animation, expanded gadgetry, created an entirely new story telling system.”

Source: CVG {link no longer active}