Patrick Söderlund, EVP of EA Studios, appeared on the EA Play stage to introduce the final game showcased at the EA Play press event: Battlefield 1. He started by telling audiences about how the Battlefield franchise currently has more than 60 million players around the world. That means that the developers at DICE have a responsibility something bold and epic with each game, which means that the studio has to take creative risks and pioneer the military first-person shooter field. In short, “Battlefield 1 can be no ordinary game.”

The audience was then shown a short trailer using in-game footage to showcase its heart-thumping scenes. Patrick Bach, general manager at DICE, then took to the stage and explained that the trailer was just a small piece of a longer trailer that would be shown later. Bach then explained the vision for Battlefield 1, how DICE had huge ambitions for the game, and that it would be an “Epic and unforgettable experience for our players.”

Bach outlined the three pillars of the Battlefield 1 experience, which would guarantee “a dynamic experience where no battle is ever the same.” They are:

  • Destruction. Destruction is a hallmark of the Battlefield The destructible world will feel more intuitive and natural than ever, creating unlimited gameplay possibilities as players impact the world.
  • Dynamic Weather. The weather will change unpredictably in Battlefield 1, and players will need to adjust their tactics accordingly.
  • A Variety of Weapons and Vehicles. Vehicles and weapons add to the range of experience players have on the battlefield. Most notably, World War I (aka The Great War) gave birth to some of the largest vehicles ever made, and players will be able to take control of massive beasts such as the Behemoths—giant war zeppelins. Battlefield 1 will feature airships, armored trains, and battleships so that players can take the fight across land, air and sea.

The Battlefield 1 presentation concluded with the full-length trailer teased earlier, and the EA Play press event finished out with a 64-player livestream of the game featuring celebrities Jamie Foxx and Zack Efron facing off against each other on opposing teams. Attendees joined in the action using kiosk stations. Whether they were watching online or attending the event live, audiences everywhere got their first in-depth look at Battlefield 1‘s gameplay before the game releases worldwide on October 21.