Ben Straley, CEO of internet analytics firm Meteor Solutions, and Steve Fowler, VP of Strategy and Client Services for Ayzenberg Group, are presenting a seminar on social media best practices on Wednesday, November 18, at 11:00 a.m. PST.  Registration is open.

Here s the full description:

Today, the most successful marketing campaigns in the games and

entertainment industries are fueled by sharing and online word of mouth. Major sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as message boards and forums, all play a pivotal role in driving and extending the reach of campaigns via person-to-person sharing.

But how exactly do you design and execute the kinds of campaigns that get people talking What content will attract and engage your target audience enough to drive the spread of your campaign organically How can brands and agencies work together to create buzz-building, fan-fueled social media campaigns

In this free educational “Brown Bag” webinar from Meteor Solutions, Ben Straley, CEO of Meteor Solutions and Steve Fowler, VP of Strategy and Client Services of leading interactive entertainment agency, Ayzenberg Group, will present concrete best practices and actionable strategies for creating social marketing campaigns that go beyond ordinary to extraordinary. The speakers will also describe a case study of one of the most successful video game launch campaigns of all time — and illustrate with real-world examples how the right strategy, content, and tactics can make your next social media campaign a huge success.

Marketers and agencies will learn:

·Why and how people share games and entertainment content — and
how marketers can tap into this behavior
·How to engage and activate hardcore fans, and how to motivate them to share
·How to create fan-fueled campaigns by delivering the right content
to attract and engage your audience
·How to convert visitors into customers, motivating visitors to
become “mega” fans who share your content with their friends and family

Please join us for this tactics-packed Brown Bag seminar!  Registration is open.