Beyond: Two Souls will star actress Ellen Page, and that’s a good thing for Quantic Dream CEO David Cage. According to the game’s director, he had one person in mind for the lead role in Beyond: Two Souls.

“I only had one name on my list and it was Ellen Page,” said Cage. “If she had said no I would have been in deep s***. For me it was really obvious it could only be her. We contacted her agent, we sent her a package with the script of our new game, a copy of Heavy Rain and a list of reviews for Heavy Rain, and a nice letter saying ‘please, please, please, please, please’. And the agent came back really quickly and said Ellen read the script, and that she loved it and she would be happy to be part of it.”

Page spent months at Quantic Dream’s full-motion capture facility in Paris for the lead role in Beyond: Two Souls. Cage indicates that the role spoke to her, and that’s why she was willing to participate in her first game project.


“It was the script and her role that got her interested. I mean, I don’t think she’s into videogames – she played when she was young but she stopped like a lot of people do when they get older. She isn’t excited by games in particular because, like a lot of people, she thinks games are all about guns, guns, guns,” explained Cage. “But when she read the script for Beyond she knew it was a story, a script, something she can understand. Ellen is really adventurous; if you look at her filmography, she likes to take risks. She was in Inception, but also Juno and Hard Candy. She likes new things, she likes to experiment, and I think that’s why she chose to act in a game.”

“So I met her in LA, in a strange bar next to a highway. When she came, it was a shock for me because it was like I was sitting in front of a character I had had been writing for a year,” continued Cage. “The discussion went great but afterward I was really depressed because I knew she was perfect for the role, she has the talent, the face, she’s very smart. But fortunately, she said yes.”

Source: CVG