Sometimes it’s worth reaching out to new areas and other times it’s just worth it to know what your audience is. Such is the case with Mass Effect Galaxy, an iPhone game that wasn’t half as well received as its Xbox 360 and PC brethren.

Oh, I think it was very worth attempting, says Greg Zeschuk vice president and co-founder of BioWare. Even when something’s not as successful as you’d like, you can take some lessons away and apply them, right For us, that’s kind of where humility comes in, to eat the humble pie on the Mass iPhone game [laughs] and go, ‘Yeeeaaah, we made a big mistake,’ in the sense that we thought story could carry it. Maybe it wasn’t even a mistake as much as we took a guess, our guess was wrong, and we learned something in the process – that the fundamental tactile gameplay is actually the key thing on the platform. Unless your game is utterly designed about tactile gameplay, you shouldn’t release it. That was good information for us to have.”

When asked about future Mass Effect ventures on iPhone, Zeschuk responded, I don’t know. We still poke around on it. At some level we’re leaving the expertise on the iPhone to the folks who are experts. We’ll explore stuff. For us, it may be things that link into other games. It’s the cross-platform nature of the potential platform, like an iPhone app able to somehow access one of the other games’ universes, or something. That would be really cool.”