It’s happened. It’s finally October 21, 2015: the “real” date Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-traveled to in Back to the Future II.

back to the future

So maybe there aren’t flying cars yet and maybe video games have become much more tactile than hands-free, but we’ve still come a long way. We can FaceTime each other, fly miniature drones, track our every move and make payments with our phones! To celebrate the future and the legacy and cult status of Back to the Future, brands have been tweeting today in full force. Here are some highlights of what we’ve seen on this unofficial holiday.


Although Lexus tweeted a video of a real hoverboard that uses superconductors a few days ago, the #LexusHover truly took off today. What better way to celebrate Back to the Future than making the future happen


For a marketing push Pepsi had to wait 26 years to do, the Pepsi Perfect was available for today and today only. Word on the street is that the drink has already sold out.


Your car may still have wheels, but JetBlue reminds everyone that we can all still fly.


Flux Capacitors, that all-important tech that allows one to travel to-and-fro in time isn’t required to use an Xbox One. Whew!


Speaking of Flux Capacitors, the 2016 Ford Fiesta now has an optional add-on that “makes time travel possible (if time travel were possible, but it’s not – yet) in a stylish enclosure.”

ford fiesta flux


This one isn’t so surprising, as Nike had announced they would be developing this back in 2014. It wasn’t until today, however, via Michael J. Fox’s Twitter account that we got to seem them in action and learned they would actually be available in 2016.