Facebook Video has become quite the competitor to YouTube over the past few months, not only in overall views, but also with other features and ROI. Not only have brands taken notice, they’re taking full advantage.

A report from quintly indicates that a number of brands are showing preference to Facebook’s video format over YouTube. The study shows that YouTube videos only make up about one quarter of all videos posted on the Facebook site, showing that the rest comes mostly from Facebook native.

According to the data, it’s clear that Facebook’s video has a bigger outreach with brands, with 65 percent showing preference over YouTube, which sits at 24 percent. Meanwhile, only one percent of companies still use the Vimeo format, while ten percent utilize some other video service.

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In a separate study, Locowise noted that Facebook video has better native reach than YouTube. Facebook native videos manage to attain about 13.2 percent organic reach, while YouTube is a little less with 7.9 percent. Facebook also has a notably higher engagement rate, by 6.3 percent, compared to YouTube’s 3.2 percent. Even Instagram has a higher rate than YouTube, at 3.6 percent.

Out of all the posted videos, 96.4 percent are reported from Facebook native, compared to just 3.5 percent from YouTube.

quintly noted a few reasons why Facebook is more popular. The first involved the EdgeRank service, which utilizes its own algorithm that provides updates right in the user’s timeline, allowing the company to determine which reaches more people. Native video features were also pointed out, as they can increase interactions with users, especially on auto-play, since they would notice them while looking through their timeline. Even disabled, quintly believes it’s “greatly beneficial for marketing” on the site. quintly also noted that Facebook videos are sponsored more frequently because of this.