The mobile market continues to boom, as a new report from OneSky and Newzoo shows that growth of the market has skyrocketed.

Speaking specifically about the BRIC mobile gaming market — which covers Brazil, Russia, India and China — the companies report that the market will reach a year-over-year growth of the market will rise 91.7 percent over the coming year, with a total of $9.4 billion reported for 2016, according to Newzoo’s site. The regions involved — and the mobile growth within each — are in the infographic below.

“We are very excited to team up with OneSky for this eBook and infographic on the BRIC market. BRIC already represents the largest mobile games market globally, driven, of course, by the huge revenues in China,” said Peter Warman, CEO for Newzoo, about the report. “The data presented aims to offer valuable high-level insights into this market, and the growth potential of the individual countries involved.”

The infographic, titled The BRIC Mobile Gaming Opportunities of 2015, covers quite a bit of data for each region, including English proficiency, mobile gamers population, revenue forecast and mobile gamers forecast. A number of facts came up with the report, including the following:

-The BRIC mobile gaming market obtained $5.1 billion revenue in 2014, a year-over-year growth of 91.7 percent, hugely exceeded global YoY average which is 38.9 percent.

-This revenue growth is backed by an increase in the number of gamers, payers as well as a higher average spent per gamer.

-Ranked first in the Latin America mobile gaming market, Brazil expects $415.5 million in mobile games revenue for the next year.

-Despite the currency risk, the Russia mobile gaming market still managed to reach 49 percent growth for 2014, year-over-year. Major setbacks are expected this year, with only a growth of 0.6 percent, but the market is expected to bounce back with $379.1 million earned in 2016.

-With 135.7 CAGR towards the coming year, India shows a great deal of rapid expansion with higher mobile gamer penetration. Improvement of its basic infrastructure will help the nation reach $571.6 million by next year, behind 208.2 million mobile gamers.

-China has managed to contribute 87.9 percent of BRIC’s overall mobile gaming revenue for last year. Continuous growth is expected, with next year’s numbers rounding $8.1 billion – six times the sum of other BRIC markets.

-The uniqueness of each BRIC market requires game publishers to have separate localization strategies in order to reach the potential growth with their products.

Greg Sung, CEO and co-found for OneSky, added, “BRIC is definitely the highlight of the mobile gaming industry in the next five years. In order to catch this terrific opportunity, it is important for publishers to understand not only overall development of BRIC, but also the in-depth knowledge of each market, that ultimately leads to revenue growth. This is where our co-operation with Newzoo, our eBook on BRIC trends, prospects and strategies plays an important role.”

The eBook can be downloaded here, and the infographic is below.