Mobile gaming is quickly becoming something that AAA experience helps in designing the best games. Bungie Aerospace Portfolio Manager Bernie Yee says that the company’s experience with independence from Microsoft helped them bring a new prerogative to mobile.

“We look at the hardware platforms, and they’re becoming more powerful and relevant. So I can’t speak for other studios, but for us, the values Bungie brings to game development are applicable to iOS,” said Yee. “So remember five years ago when it was the original iPhone The mobile scene was very different. The palette was so limited. What would our guys do to a mobile game dev back then We’d have nothing to contribute. But now the things we have are really useful.”

While the company’s first game Crimson: Steam Pirates was an iOS title, Yee indicates that they’re looking at other platforms. “You’ll see us on the PC,” said Yee. “You’ll see us on other handheld devices. We obviously like Android quite a bit. We have a lot of people in the office with Android phones. Certainly different means of digital distribution are really interesting to us. I wouldn’t even rule out XBLA or PSN.”