Online game payment service Kwedit has partnered with 7-Eleven to roll out a credit system for virtual goods sales, reports Promo.  The companies are offering a service for players of online games, and especially those without credit cards such as minors, allowing them to purchase virtual goods online then pay for them at 7-Eleven convenience stores.  Promo describes the service as one where Kwedit resembles a lender, doling out credit scores and spending limits to registered users.  Users purchase virtual goods for their games online then print out invoices to pay for them later at 7-Eleven stores.  If a user fails to pay, Kwedit turns off their credit line.  Raja Doddala, category manager for new business development at 7-Eleven, said Kwedit’s service falls in line with the convenience store chain’s strategy of growing its prepaid game and wireless cards business.  He added that the company also expects benefit to its stores through increasing foot traffic and eventual cross-promotions.  Kwedit told Promo it’s seeking similar arrangements with other retailers.  Read more at Promo {link no longer active}.