Capcom infects your web browser with a virus that’s fun to fight, for a change. The publisher is promoting the upcoming Wii game Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles with a campaign on GameTrailers combining interactive video with site takeover display. The video starts innocently enough, with all the makings of another solidly edited Resident Evil trailer. As the action crescendos, zombies begin to break through the video frame into the web browser. Eventually a voice (likely Leon, kids) tips it off that the video s become interactive, telling viewers to begin shooting the zombies.

Writing for Ad Age, Beth Snyder Bulik talks to Capcom and GameTrailers about the campaign. GameTrailers Brad Winters says it’s the first time his site has run interactive video. Capcom’s Mona Hamilton says the goal is that the video becomes viral, driving viewers to GameTrailers. At the time of this post the video had nearly 177,000 views and very positive response.


Read more about the campaign and watch a video of the ad at Ad Age.


Experience it for yourself at GameTrailers.