Capcom has been pleased so far with the results of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. With a half million people having paid $5 to play it, Capcom thinks it’s as good (or actually better) as a major ad campaign.

It s the most dynamic sales weapon we have ever had in our arsenal, giving us the equivalent exposure of a multi-million pound TV campaign, said Capcom s U.K. product manager Karl Reader. We foresee other publishers will follow suit. With increasing development budgets and increased risk, several smaller projects is only sensible. What we are seeing is a precursor to episodic gaming with Capcom at the helm.

This style of digital distribution is a win-win scenario for all parties, added Reader. Retailers will enjoy a surge of pre-orders that traditional campaigns only aspire to. Consumers enjoy six hours of gameplay for a low price. Finally, it serves as a barometer for us as a publisher, allowing us to gauge demand for the title and adjust our marketing plans for Dead Rising 2 accordingly.

With the success of the prequel DLC, Capcom announced that there will be a sequel DLC titled Dead Rising 2: Case West, which will also be Xbox 360 exclusive.

Source: MCV