Capcom Café featuring a Monster Hunter themed menu will open Nov. 20 at the Aeon Lake Town shopping mall in Japan, the organization announced. The café will provide food, décor and other items based on the Monster Hunter world. Its menu will change regularly in conjunction with new releases and special game events.

The Monster Hunter games, where players fight giant creatures for fun and sport, have become best-sellers for Capcom, procuring millions in sales in both Japan and the United States. With that, Capcom has capitalized on its success with a number of promotions, including a recent one that saw a popular Goliath roller coaster at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park turned into a Monster Hunter ride.

Capcom plans to develop an entertainment space that incorporates retail with food-and-drink services,” the organization announced. “Based on their core strategy of Single Content Multiple Usage, they aim to communicate the appeal of their rich library of popular IPs at the café and create a synergistic promotional effect for their games; at the same time, in addition to their existing fan base they hope to attract a breadth of customers, including female and family demographics.

This isn’t the first time that Capcom has launched a game-themed eatery, since it also has a Resident Evil restaurant. However, this shows the immense growth of the Monster Hunter brand, which continues to do strong business, even though the series so far been limited to Nintendo consoles, and has not yet debuted on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Though it’s unlikely we’ll see such locations in the U.S, there’s always the potential possibility. Video game-based locales have become more popular in the U.S., mainly in the form of “barcades” (a combination bar and arcade) like Button Mash, The 1up and 82. That could inspire a company like Capcom to one day open a themed restaurant stateside.

It’s also likely that the Cafe may change theme, depending on forthcoming game releases. “Moving forward, the game on which the theme is based will be updated every few months, bringing along with it a variety of displays, a new menu, limited edition goods, as well as new information,” the company said in a prepared statement.