Celebrities do quite well for themselves, between big name projects, promotional appearances, endorsements and more that keep them buzzing on social media. But one area that’s becoming increasingly hard to overlook these days is mobile gaming.

Ever since Kim Kardashian teamed up with Glu Mobile in 2014 with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the way consumers perceive celebrity-licensed games has changed quite a bit. Hollywood has managed to gross more than $100 million over the past two years, mainly due to in-app purchases of virtual items, like new outfits.

Since then, a number of celebrities have tried gaining similar success, and even Kardashian herself has found new ways to always be talked about. Here’s a rundown of how celebrities are growing their brands with mobile games.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian-West followed up the success of Hollywood with a special emoji keyboard app called Kimoji late last year. Selling for $1.99, the app features a number of Kardashian-inspired images for users to communicate with. The app recently launched in-app purchases for $.99 and is reportedly doing very well with the over-160 new stickers introduced to it, further signifying Kardashian’s place not only in pop culture, but also the digital space.



Instead of starring in another Hollywood simulation, the rap star opted to put himself in an endless running game called Kingin’ World Tour. It puts the superstar on the run from camera-wielding paparazzi, while avoiding objects and collecting coins in the world. The real draw of this game is its Cash Competition Mode, in which players can compete to see who can run the longest and earn real money. As a result, the app has fared rather well, and put Tyga’s name further on the market.

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay is a celebrity chef who has made a name for himself with his no holds barred attitude on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. That makes him an ideal star for Glu Mobile’s Ramsay Dash, a simulated cooking game where a virtual version of the chef judges your food service performance. Dash includes bleeped out swearing, matching with Ramsay’s kitchen attitude and authentically recreates his persona in game.

Taylor Swift

The pop superstar made a name for herself with several number one singles and a hit tour, but now Taylor Swift is set to introduce a “new, one-of-a-kind digital gaming experience” later this year with Glu Mobile, the team behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Not much is known about the game just yet, but it won’t be Glu’s first pop music-inspired game, given that it has worked with both Katy Perry and Britney Spears. Regardless of how the final release ends up, Swift will no doubt see a huge boost from the mobile game, one that fits her celebratory stature.

Jason Statham

Action star Jason Statham stars in the action game Sniper X, which released last year, and puts players firmly behind an assault rifle to take down enemies. Statham provides steady narration throughout the game, as well as tips on how to stay in one piece. It’s a unique approach for a celebrity-endorsed game, but one that has done well for adrenaline junkies.


Demi Lovato

Late last year, songstress Demi Lovato got involved with Pocket Gems for a simulation-style mobile game called Path To Fame, where her fans can make key decisions with their singing career. The game has been a moderate success for all parties involved, and have helped push Lovato to a record-breaking 2016 with a tour and single releases.


The hip-shaking superstar, who recently starred in the Disney movie Zootopia, has has shaken up mobile with a game called Love Rocks. In it, players can take on traditional match-three puzzle gameplay while competing against other Shakira fans—and even the superstar herself—for the highest score. Love Rocks has done considerably well for the pop star and Rovio, which is mainly known for the Angry Birds franchise.