Glu Mobile, maker of the ever popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, recently released a new free-to-play mobile game. This time, instead of featuring fashion or pop music personalities, the company is taking the highly addictive gameplay from its Diner DASH and Cooking DASH games and adding some extra flavor by featuring celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. With these ingredients, Gordon Ramsay DASH is an experience that cannot be missed.

Internationally renowned chef Ramsay stars in several television shows, with one of the most prominent ones being Hell’s Kitchen, where he is all at once a judge, taskmaster and mentor. That personality, which can sometimes seem as hot dishes being served, is being brought to players in Gordon Ramsay DASH. In it, players are challenged to balance between numerous tasks around the kitchen to make sure patrons are served promptly. Doing well earns Ramsay’s approval and “wichelin” stars (inspired by Michelin Stars, which Chef Ramsay is quite fond of), while providing the funds to upgrade your kitchen’s equipment, as you open a chain of restaurants and become a celebrity chef.

Glu’s president and CEO, Niccolo de Masi, talks with [a]listdaily about featuring the culinary master in Gordon Ramsay DASH, and perhaps provide hints on how to avoid his wrath.

Niccolo de Masi, Glu Mobile President, CEO & Chairman
Niccolo de Masi, Glu Mobile President, CEO & Chairman

What is Gordon Ramsay DASH about?

Gordon Ramsay DASH is the newest Glu Mobile title, providing a spin on the storied DASH franchise that offers players the unique, high-stakes experience of building a restaurant empire while being mentored by Chef Gordon Ramsay himself.

What makes Gordon Ramsay the ideal person to feature in a mobile game?

Glu’s celebrity partners are all masters of their chosen fields. Gordon Ramsay is a remarkably accomplished figure in both the culinary world and the entertainment industry. Having opened critically-acclaimed restaurants worldwide, while starring in several highly-rated TV programs, he is the most popular and well-recognized chef in the world. When thinking of our next partner, pairing him with the DASH franchise was a recipe for success!

Recent Glu games have featured actors, fashion designers, and pop music stars. How does promoting an experience starring a celebrity chef differ in comparison?

For all Glu games featuring a celebrity, players want an honest glimpse into their lives. While for our role-playing games like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Britney Spears: American Dream we’ve tried to emulate life events for Kim Kardashian West or Britney Spears, for Gordon Ramsay, the gameplay at hand is different. Gordon Ramsay DASH is focused around time management, but still maintains those personal Glu touches, making it evident Gordon was deeply involved every step of the way.

How did you decide on the best way to represent him in the game?

The way we landed on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s in-game persona was completely collaborative. He’s been a terrific partner throughout the development process. Gordon was highly involved from day one, providing feedback on artwork, dialogue and even conceptualizing the games “wichelin” mechanic.

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Ramsay is perhaps best known for being a hard pressing taskmaster on TV. How does that personality come out in Gordon Ramsay DASH?

It was important that Gordon Ramsay DASH portray the intensity that comes along with rising up the ranks in the restaurant business. His character is a mentor to the player’s growth within the game; players travel to top venues serving delicious fare while starring in a reality cooking show. If you do well, you’ll get Chef Ramsay’s praise. However if you burn something, look out!