Facebook games are quite common these days, with players partaking in everything from Angry Birds to Marvel Heroes, interacting with their friends and followers while fighting for as high a score as they can muster. However, Narvalous wants to change the way players approach Facebook games – and it has an ambitious release that could very well get the job done.

The mobile publisher has announced the release of Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness, a new Facebook game that’s easily one of the most stunning – and ambitious – releases yet for the social site. The game follows the usual massive multiplayer online (MMO) adventure format, as players complete missions in the hopes of fixing the fabric of time, which has been torn apart by heinous forces. The missions will send players through six historical eras, using three different classes – the mage, the berserker, and the knight.

Where Chrono Wars is different from other games is with the use of an unmatched 3D gaming engine. The FancyBeans Fancy 3D engine enables the usage of 3D character models and backgrounds, providing more depth than the usual Facebook offerings available. That said, the game experience is currently limited to PC users only, although Narvalous hopes to make it available to Mac owners soon.

“With Chrono Wars, Narvalous is proud to bring to our avid gamers IMAX-quality 3D graphics and an unprecedented client gameplay experience via a browser interface or a PC launcher,” said Jay Tang, president of Narvalous. “We worked with the developer, FancyBeans, and the global publisher, Gamewave, in four intensive months to adapt the game for the North American market. So far the Closed Beta testing retention rate has risen four times from a month ago. We believe the game is on track to make a big hit in 2015. We welcome other publishers or platforms to contact us for channeling opportunities.”

This could mark a huge upswing in popularity for Facebook games, especially considering the historical twist on the game (with characters like Robin Hood and Jeanne D’Arc involved), and it also looks to provide a good amount of revenue for the company, with various premium content available, including gear and weapons.

The trailer below provides a better glimpse of what Chrono Wars has to offer. Interested players can check it out here.